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3 Steps for Startups to Start an IT Business

Starting your own business should be happy, simple and easy, just 3 steps:

  1. Build Idea

  2. Realize Idea through Internet Technology

  3. Seek for Partners, especially Internet Technology Partner

Idea Building

Very often, business just comes from very simple idea. Such initial idea may be just originated from any daily activities. either business or non-business. Share idea and may have noise. "No noise" means "no interest". Analyse noise, constructive or destructive. Consolidate and re-build them into a fruitful, juicy and interactive conceptual idea.

Realize Idea through Internet Technology

Some conceptual idea may involve lot of functions, features, scenarios and etc. OR could just start from 3 elements for starting an IT business:

  1. Problems and solutions encountered in the idea
  2. Information Releasing Parties and Audiences
  3. Information Flow, Linkage or Platform involved

Draft all into icons, flow, inter-relations or layouts. In this stage, idea will be developed into a more practical business model and should be ready for presentation.

For those startups lack of Internet Technology knowledge, maybe they need an IT partner.

Seek for Partners, especially an IT Partner

Review the whole idea and business model. Define all functions involved, eg, IT, Design, Account, Operation, Marketing, Business Development, HR, Fund Raising, PR, Advertisement, Social Media, Online to Offline, and etc.

Arrange them into priorities and seek for appropriated partners. IT business will certainly seek for IT partner first and then other partners.

Afterwards, an IT related business could be started.

BYOB, Build Your Own Business, Concept

BYOB would like to focus to those having good idea but lack of IT experience or knowledge. BYOB could be your IT partner, may be your shareholder, may be your fund-raising partner. BYOB could assist them to start their own IT business, "be your own boss", "build your own business".

BYOB would just focus in Hong Kong and China market as limited resources.

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3 Steps for Startups to Start an IT BusineSs